first of all...MICHELLE! i'm so happy that you got the 12 piece kit. you should have gotten more brushes they are to die for!!! my sister and I's next purchase would be the pressed powders. also, wow you got a lot of eyeshadows :)

anyway....i'm in tucson, arizona right now. effing hot out there. it's about 110 degrees fahrenheit but like around 7 pm it started raining. thunderstorm! sheesh!!! anyway, today we just drop out here and will be resting the rest of the night until the fun starts bright and early tomorrow:) but first we're hitting up the free continental breakfast here at la quinta! hahahaha. i think we're going to the arizona-sonoma desert museum first then on with san xavier mission del bac or whatever it's called, st. augustine cathedral, and el tiradito wishing shrine. there's so much to do!!! ugh. and it's worse cause it's effing hot out here. i don't know if this would be a place to consider moving to cause the weather is scorching hot!!! hahahah. but as long as we stare indoor 80% if the time then it will be okay. hahaha. our last day will most likley consist of canvasing out possible neighborhoods and places for employment. anyway, i'll keep you all posted. i'll post pictures and reviews :)

tune in next time...