so i have been told by people (sharyn) that it's been ages since i last posted something here. now, it is time to give you guys some updates. nothing interesting really. my 25th birthday was 2 weeks ago. it was fun. just hung out with friends and family. not a big deal or anything. but i had a lot of fun and very thankful for the warm wishes :) besides that, josh and i are going through a rough patch. we're working on it. so we'll see how it goes.

sharyn and i have been listening to a lot of lady gaga. she's really awesome. loves it. also, i really want to go to the NO DOUBT concert in may BUT no dinero. i know lawn tix are ony $10 but i want really good seats cause i LOVE LOVE LOVE No Doubt and especially Gwen Stefani!!! i love her!

anyway, it's friday and there is nothing on tv!!! boredom. i'm craving some carne asada burrito from casa guadalajara!!! mmmmm...

oh, i really want a maxi dress. it's a long sun dress for those who don't know :)

also, i would like my old face back! no acne, no blackheads, no bumps, no redness, no nothing!!! gah! it's so frustrating. i feel like a prepubescent girl! adult acne is not right.

as far as makeup goes...i got some new stuff. i will add photos on my next post. i have a new obsession of NYX cosmetics. it is a very good product. it is the cheaper alternative for my MAC obsession. the eyeshadows are very pigmented and the lipsticks are creamy and pigmented as well. again, i will provide swatches so you have an idea what the colors look like. i also got some MAC stuff. i'm really in love with red lips right now. so i go with bare eyes and russian red lips. it's a really great look. very classic. i'll also try to post pictures of my makeup looks. like what my eyes/lips look like when i do my makeup. in fact i should have taken a photo of what my eyes looked today. i did an electric eel & purple look. i'll replicate it one of these days and photograph it :)

anyway, i hope everyone is doing well. i will post again very soon...i promise.

tune in next time...