so some bad news. auntie pat passed away last saturday. it was so sudden! it's crazy how someone that went from being happy to being diagnosed with lung cancer to passing away. it just blows my mind. but i do know that she is now in a happier place. she's in heaven with god and the angels. we will truly miss her.

another bad news...josh's dog Blade was put down today. he's 10 years old! a very long life for a dog :) he was the most amazing dog i have ever met. and many of you know that i don't like dogs cause i got bitten by a dog then attacked again by another. i have a huge phobia with them. i still do! but not with Blade. he made me feel so safe and loved. no dog EVER can compare to what we had. i loved him. it was really sad. when i visited him on wednesday he was laying down on his blankets and pillows resting. steve, josh's dad took him to fiesta island to run and swim (his favorite). he was actually having some difficulty eating that week but when josh visited him...he actually ate something:) i think Blade just wanted Josh's company. he was vomiting that morning so Josh's mom told Josh to visit Blade cause she scheduled a vet to come to their house to euthanize him. but Blade was better when Josh visited. That night when I saw him i just held him. petted him and just hugged him. that's when the tears came. non stop crying. and i just came from auntie pat's viewing...cried a lot too. so josh's mom decided to cancel the appointment and decided to have another vet see Blade today to see how his condition was. The vet said that he has an enlarged liver. this was the reason for his belly to swell. we were wondering why his tummy was so big like a balloon and he was barely eating anything. he lost soooo much weight. but it was right then and there that aida and steve decided to put him down. it will ease the pain. if they just let it be then Blade's liver could erupt causing more pain for him. today was a sad day for the smith's... and me of course. and everyone who has gotten to know him. he was an amazing dog! i know that the smiths are sad right now but they know that he is in a better place. he will truly be missed. i know that everytime i visit their place that there will always be someone missing.

R.I.P. Blade Smith

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tiffany said...

hola! i found you! how come your posts dont have dates? :(