pray pray pray

so today we went to the hospital to visit my cousin's aunt who is very sick. auntie pat was going to the hospital for a check up and the doctor's suddenly found something ( a lump in her larynx, i believe) and was quickly rushed into emergency. now she's in the ICU. wow. it's crazy how something like that happens. they haven't done a biopsy just yet cause she's too weak to have tests done to her. she's been loosing so much weight cause she couldn't eat/swallow her food. a part of her larynx or something was paralyzed and the lump caused her to not swallow her food. kind of like what happened to me except mine was in the esophagus. but now she's down to 80 pounds!!! 80 pounds!!! my god! seeing her in her bed with a big oxygen mask covered her entire face. she looked so little. i didn't want to say anything cause what do i say? her husband kept saying "you'll get through this! you're strong you can beat this!" so sad. i mean i wanted to cry but i held back. the same thing happened to my lolo. he couldn't talk either cause the lymph nodes spread all over his lungs and everywhere else in between. she kept pointing to her neck indicating that she couldn't speak and you can tell that she was saying "thank you" to us for coming. she actually wanted no medication or help from machines anymore. she wanted to just let it be and let god take care of the rest. but people wouldn't let her. but i guess their going to do the hospice program. it's where a nurse comes to their house and monitors her for a period of time everyday. i remember my lolo had the same. but now...all we have to do is pray for her.

it's amazing how someone is healthy one day and then in critical condition the next. last time we saw her she was stronger than her husband! now she's in the 4th stage cancer!!! well it's not finalized that she was cancer but she's in the 4th stage! =( it's just sad. this whole thing just brings back memories of how my grandfather was. it was the saddest moment of my life. and now it's like happening all over again. all we can do now is pray pray pray.

so to auntie pat, apostol family, acayan're in my prayers!

long time no see

so i guess some "people" are complaining how i don't update this thing. hahahaha. i.e. sharyn! so anyway, i guess i haven't been updating cause either i'm lazy or there's really nothing interesting that happened to me. i'll try my best to remember what "happened" to me last week including parts of this week =)

well last week josh got sick. so i hung around with him in his apartment. i mostly just watched bravo tv since i don't have that channel at my house. i love top chef! josh was hooked on it too but he won't admit it. what else? we watched movies too like max paine and bangkok dangerous. they were okay movies. but whatevs.

last weekend...didn't do much. did the sam i guess. hung out with bubbs and watched tv/movies.

so this week....monday didn't do anything. just hung around. yesterday i took ate monet downtown cause she had some stuff do. then when we got back i made breakfast =) pancakes, sausages, and eggs. yummmmm!!! then sharyn and i decided to go to the mall to look for this makeup brand NYX. but first we went to carlsbad outlet to check out the cosmetics company outlet. pretty cool place. they have discounted makeups like MAC, bobbi brown, clinique, etc. they have a good amount of selection. price is good too. so that was that. after the outlet we went to the mall. checked out the makeup sharyn wanted and it was there. and they had a great selection of colors which was awesome. so now we know where to get them =) after that we went home but as we were pulling inside the garage my dad told us to go to auntie tessie's cause she made some loglog. so we hurriedly went there cause loglog is yummy=) it was kuya glenn's birthday yesterday so that's why she made a bunch of food. hung around there for awhile. hung out with kayla and karina and ronell of course=) i didn't get to eat that much cause it was also josh's birthday yesterday. so around 4 i left. got ready. i put on my fake lashes yesterday. i did a good job on it. sometimes i get annoyed cause i can't seem to put it on right. so i just get frustrated and it don't even bother with it. anyway, josh and his family and i went to hunter's steakhouse. it was yummy. i had the petite prime rib with beer battered shrimp special. oh but first, i had clam chowder soup as one of the sides. delicioso!!! but was sooo good. the chocolate/brownie cake was also good. josh's birthday cake they gave. hahahha. ate that. stephanie's (josh's sister) mud pie was oh so good too. actually better than the cake. but chocolate is always good. i was so full last night. my goodness. i thought i was going to vomit cause i was so full. by the way...happy birthday again hun!!! yay! we're the same age...for now. in march i'll be 25! shit! a quarter of a century. that's so scary. what's scary is that i don't have a job yet! it's so fucking frustrating. i have bills to pay and yet no job. but on a happier note...sharyn got a job! woohoo. i'm so happy for her. she deserves it. all her hardwork at school needed to pay of and now it just did. she deserves everything good in this world. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. she's the one person i look up to the most. if i had the drive, motivation, intelligence like her then man i think i'd have a job too. wow i really don't want to get into this. cause it would take forever AND it would kind of get emotional cause i'd have to rant about the things that are swirling around my head. i'll do that in the next post.

oh a quick shout out before i go... hi sanchia! sharyn told me that you read my blog =) and course my sister! hey there. hi there. ho there. =) ahahahahha. you happy now?!

tune in next time...

holla fo a dolla!

hahaha. hi readers! it's been awhile. been kinda "busy." my weekend was alright. just hung out with the family and the boyfriend. nothing exciting. by the way, i still haven't figured out that picture thing i was talking about in my last blog. ehh. i'll get around to it eventually.

as far as jobs go, i'm still waiting for a call back. hopefully this week someone will call me =) i'll still keep a look out on craigslist, yahoo jobs, etc.

gosh...i don't think i have much to say today. so i guess i'll leave it here. i'm sorry i'm so boring today. i guess there's nothing massively important lately.

tune in next time...


i'm getting frustrated with this picture postings thing here. picasa is kinda wack. i don't get it. when i go to my cousin's baby's blogspot, the albums and pictures are organized. i don't know how to do it. frankly, i'm at a point where i don't care anymore. if i don't figure it out, i might not post photo albums here. i think there's something wrong with me. oy vey!

anyway, let me tell you all about this book i'm reading. i got it at barnes and noble. it i called
MYTHOLOGY The ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY of WORLD MYTH & STORYTELLING. Amazing! seriously, not many of you guys know this unknown fact about me but i love this stuff! ever since i was a kid i loved watching national geographic and the history channel about greek mythology AND especially egyptians. mummies, tombs, mythological creatures, gods & goddess, etc. i love it! this book is so awesome. and it only cost me $10!!! it's over 670 pages of awesomeness. ahahaha. i skipped the first chapters of it so i can go straight to greek mythology. hahahaha. seriously, i don't know why i didn't major in this stuff. makes me want to go back to school and take a bunch of anthropology and art history courses. i'm almost done with greek mythology and on my way through celtics, vikings, and germanic worlds. hahah. i might skip this and go into egypt. truthfully, i don't care much about indian mythology but ehh who knows, i might end up liking it. so yeah, that's what i do in bed. i read this 20 pound book and fall asleep. hahaha. sharyn actually caught me a few times asleep while the book is wide open and my glasses still on.

speaking of books...josh got me j.k. rowling's new book beedle the bard. read that in an hour. hahah. it's a small book but good nontheless. i still have to read the rest of jane austen's books. josh got me the jane austen collection last christmas and have not read it. well i've read like two of austen's books so far so i just have to read a few. as far as harry potter goes. i believe the only books i have not read are the first two. i bought them years ago but have not. i started reading the 3rd book first on to the last book. i know horrible. i'll get to the first two eventually. there's so many books i want to read...i can't keep up. i love books. i love using my imagination. i especially love it when i read a book by an english author because i read them as if i have a british accent. hahaha. it's really fun. i sometimes catch myself talking with an accent. hahaha. crazy me. oh yeah, sharyn's reading 1984 right now. ronell lent me that book. i'm ashamed to say that i did not finish what i started. hopefully, when sharyn's done...i can find my place.

wow, this blog is getting really long. but one last thing. i finally watched The Duchess. really good movie. i recommend it if you liked pride & prejudice, becoming jane, sense & sensibility, elizabeth, the queen, etc. oh and the show the tudors =) watch it people!

well i think that's enough of my rants!

tune in next time...

impatient much

today was somewhat productive. sharyn i went to utc mall then to best buy. we got a fitness video and the killers cd. i also applied at macy's. hahaha. i need a job. really bad. but for now i guess we'll do the workout video and hopefully there will be results. hahaha.

but about this macy's thing...i really need any job right now. i did work at it's a grind for a good 5 days but eh not my thing. retail is cool. it's something i've never done before. hopefully i get a call back. i'll apply at some other places too like this girls clothing store called Justice. it used to be Limited Too but i guess something happened. looks like an okay place. forever21 was hiring too but no thanks. i heard it was a pretty wack place to work cause my friend rachel worked there. AND it's owned/managed by asian people. i vow to never work for someone who owns a store by an asian woman. their really hard asses and crazy! hahaha. i'd apply at nordstrom but they can be snooty since you know "rich" people shop there. but eh we'll see.

hustlin' aint easy! Hahaha! just kidding. it's funny saying that. i'll find a job soon. something's out there for me. it may not be what i want (for now) but it's something.

tune in next time...


good morning all! so, some bad news. josh or "bubba" to some of you is having issues at work. there were some people laid off AND the company is decreasing their pay by 20% which means that they would only work 4 days a week. he's sad =( very disheartening to hear and see josh like that. he just got his apartment 2 weeks ago and now this shit happens. i mean he knew that the company would be reducing and they did like last month and they thought it was done but decided to lay more people off. it's just sad. he doesn't want to give up on the apartment. that's not his nature. so he decided to search for a second job. wow. i must say josh is something else. i admire him for his determination, motivation, and courage. something that i'm not, well i am but their limited. ahaha. anyway, he also discussed this issue with his parents and told him that when worse comes to worse, just move back in. i know that josh is not the type to just drop everything AND if he breaks the lease from his apartment he'd have to pay 2 months in advance which is like $2400! yeah, he's not gonna want to pay that much. josh is really good with money sometimes he can be very frugal! but hey, he's smarter than most of us =) i hope that this will pass soon. i hope the economy makes a turn and help us out of this horrible mess!!! josh will be fine. he is surrounded by people who love him and they his 100% support!

oh what sucks more is that his birthday is coming up. we were going to a karaoke bar but he wanted to cancel it cause he's not exactly in a celebrating mood. hopefully he can cheer up though cause i love celebrating birthdays and hate to see people sad on a joyous occasion.

on a lighter note, ronell created a blog. boredome got you huh? hahaha. i guess everyone is doing one. it's actually quite fun. i love writing (somtimes). hahaha. oh, i still have to post pictures, huh? yeah i'll get to it eventually. it's just a lot of work. too lazy. but i'll get it done.

tune in next time...

makeup blurbs

i've been having these makeup obsessions. sharyn found this company called Everyday Minerals. it's mineral makeup similar to bare minerals/escentuals BUT way cheaper! check out Everyday Minerals it's really cool. you can get free sample kits so you can find a perfect match for your skintone. just pay for the shipping which is like $3. i think they also do international orders but of course it's more than $3 shipping. but well worth it cause you get 3 foundations, 1 concealer, and 1 blush. their all sample size of course but it'll last you a long time. you can get as much sample kits as you want...but one at a time. they really want you to find that perfect match =) luckily i found my match. sharyn ordered her sample kit and she did a test on my face and low and behold...perfection! it's really awesome to find that exact foundation that matches your complexion. i highly recommend it to you girls! try it out. below is an example of the sample makeup kit looks like. it's small but very generous. the apple blush is really good. as far as foundations go, if you guys are curious my color is medium tan under the Golden family. i don't really use concealers but i had to get one. just choose wisely =) read the descriptions.

aside from everyday minerals, i'm into gwen stefani at the moment. i like the whole red lips she always rocks. the simple eye makeup she uses. usually just basic mascara and eyeliner on the top lids. she always has that 40s inspired look. dita von tease is another one of favorites too. anything vintage/rockabilly/pinup girls/suicide girls look is what i'm really into at the moment. i think that finding the right red lipstick is essential to every woman's makeup collection. it's hard to find the right one that matches and compliments you but you'll find it. i'm still experimenting myself. i have some red lipsticks and i mix them with my tarte palette that comes with 16 lipgloss samples.

this palette is really amazing. the eyeshadows (left palette) are well pigmented. well some i should say are. but if you foil(mixing with some water which makes the colors pop more) them then it's even better! but make sure you use an eyeshadow primer first. i suggest urban decay eyeshadow primer potion. it's the best! you can find it at or i know that they don't have a sephora store in the philippines but they have an online store =) the lipglosses (middle palette) has a wide variety of colors but more on the pinks and reds which is nice cause you can mix and match the colors to fit the right color that you're going for. the third palette is the blushes, bronzer, eyeshadow brush, and the mascara. the blushes are really nice. but the best part is the sample sized mascara. i wish that they made this a full size. it has to be my favorite mascara of the moment.

but anyway, expect me to have these makeup reviews and rants. i'm just highly obsessed with them. i cannot live without makeup. i can't believe that i just started exploring with them like 6 years ago. senior year of high school i began using mascara and eyeliners. that's it. then in college i started using blush. which is another obsession! i wore so much blush before it was insane! hahaha. i never wore powder/foundation cause my mother always says that it makes you look old and/or it ruins your skin. so i never really tried until 2-3 years ago. now i use everyday minerals foundation. it's light and doesn't feel cakey which is a must! i don't feel like i'm wearing any makeup which is key! but i'll continue this another time. sleepy time for sharyn. she doesn't like the sound of me typing and typing away =)

tune in next time...


Hi everyone. first post ever! haha. i'm excited about this blog. i'll try to update it as often as i can. probably very often since i have a lot of time =) no job yet for me =( it's very sad and disheartening. but i have hope. our new president, obama of course, is promising. it's only a matter of time till i find that $100K/year job. hahaha. i wish!

but anyway, on a lighter note...josh moved in to his new apartment last week. josh by the way is my favorite if you guys don't already know. he got a place in sabre springs. about 3 minutes away from my house. hahaha. too close i know!!! jk. but it's still the same. i don't see him everyday. i like it that way. but we do see each other more often than before =) more than twice a week. hahaha. his place is really nice. great neighborhood, quiet, clean, good parking, etc. i've been helping with the decorations. it's a total bachelor's pad but with an added feminine touch here and there. when it's all done and boxes are put away, i'll take photos. i guess i will on sunday since he's having a little gathering for the CHARGER game!!!

what else? what else? hmm...well we got new couches. finally, more seating! it's embarassing to have only one couch in the house when you have visitors. it's like "sheesh" where can i sit around here?! but yeah it's comfy. recliner sofas. they're a must! very relaxing as my dad would say.

that's pretty much it i would say. other than the holidays. it was fun. just spent time with the family and friends. good eats. good laughs. i'll post pictures soon. i'd do it now but i don't have photos in my laptop here. i'll do it tomorrow or monday.

oh yeah, this is totally random but i have a huge pimple on my forehead. well like in between my eyebrows. it's so annoying. i hate pimples! this one is huge. it doesn't have the white head yet but when it forms i'll for sure pop this baby out! oh man this is going to hurt. i mean i don't get pimples all that often and i didn't have to deal with it when i was a teen but damn it would blow if i started having adult acne. gross!!! let's just hope i don't get that cause i will be devastated!!!

anyway, i think this is enough for tonight or today since it's already 12:31 am=) good night/good morning to all. i hope i didn't bore you guys with my ramblings.

tune in next time...