apparently some of my friends check this on a daily basis. hahaha. probably more than me! i just checked this blog today and i saw that i had two comments on my last post!!! ahaha. i promise chonies, i will update often ;) 

so this morning i purchase a my pretty pink box. for those who don't know what it is it's a pink box loaded with samples from different beauty and cosmetics companies. 

each pink box contain sample sized products and 2-3 full sized products from different companies. this is my first time purchasing it. it only comes once a month. so check out my pretty pink box next month june 10th is when it goes on sale next. please visit the website myprettypinkbox to find out more details. i know you girls will love it. also...if you don't want to shell out ~$11 you can also do a mini sample bag that has 2-3 samples.

oh...i haven't been bedazzling lately. my "creative" mind has not been creative lately. i'll figure something out. 

i received my every minerals sample kit. it's my second one. sharyn told me to check out another shade of foundation. olive medium. pretty good. i think it's my actual color. also, SPRUNG blush is really good. it's my new favorite :) did you girls try out everyday minerals? i believe michelle did but i don't know if she ended up liking it. let me know mich! 

oh i'm really wanting to get this MAC lipstick called "SHOW ORCHID." it's pinkish fuscia. awesomeness. i know it's really girly which is everything i'm NOT! ahhaha. i don't know why but i'm really liking pinks lately. it's grossing me out a little but what the hell! if it looks good then it looks good. 

anyway, so jim's girlfriend, lara asked me to be her hair model. i guess she's trying out some new colors they have. i really don't know what she'll be doing to me besides coloring :) i'll probably end up getting a haircut after that. hopefully it turns out well. i really want my hair done like this japanese girl mika nakashima.

or this random japanese girl

anyway, i will let you readers know how it goes. if it turns out well i will posts photos. 

oh and tomorrow i'm getting my first series of the hpv vaccine :)

tune in next time...