i have this urge to cut my hair short...i mean really short like rihanna short. ugh! but i can't seem to do it. i want to but i feel like i can't pull it off. now i know i had really really short hair before. like in my lesbian days. ahahaha. for those who don't know what i meant was when i used to have a really short haircut and it looked really butch! hahaha. i have nothing against lesbians but it was a pretty bad haircut.

anyway i will provide photos of what i want at the bottom here...

and here's one of karla deras....one of my favorite fashion bloggers...she's totally awesome!

well isn't she awesome. check out her blog!!!

enough of this hair business. my dad and grandmother are going to the Philippines for 3 weeks. we'll sure miss them! but they will have tons of fun!!! i hope when they get back they bring some yummy polvorone, pastillas and dried fishies! yum yums in my tum tums!!!

by the way, i will post photos and reviews on makeup and my pretty pink box. it came in the mail last week so i will post photos of what i received. i will also posts pics of makeup looks i created on me self. hahahaha. i need to do this often so i can have a collection of what i've done.

tune in next time...