so i really want anthony bourdain's book kitchen confidential. bourdain is awesome. he's raw, intelligent, bold, and just plain crazy. love it. i remember him back in the day on the food network. insane. eating anything and everything.

well today was kind of a bad day. well so was yesterday. i had heartburn! argh! i hate that shit. damn my esophagus. i just want to yank it out of my insides and beat the shit out it. i got woken up at 3 am because of it. couldn't go back to sleep so i had to turn on the tv. nothing interesting was on just a bunch of infomercials. but their fun to watch nontheless. finally, the pain kind of went away around 5 am. sheesh. had some more sleep which was good. but the whole day today i felt it come back. but besides the annoyance of acid reflux...sharyn and i went to josh's to use his gym. so the three of us exercised our heart out. i did the bicycle machine. i didn't want to use the elyptical machine just yet cause the heartburt will come back from the constant walking/running up and down. so i did the bike for over 20 minutes which is equivalent to 3 miles. after that i did the other bike thing but that was hard. did the stairmaster. i didnt' get how it worked for a good 30 seconds but got a hang of it for a little. it's hard. i don't like it. then josh told me to do weights. that was fun but challenging. i have no upper body strength whatsoever! that's something i want to build up on. i want toned arms. *flex* ahahah. after the work out...we went back to bubb's. he took a shower then went to subway for his dinner. went back to my house, chilled, and watched man vs. wild. and that was that.

so a few things. i ordered 4 nyx round lipsticks. their really nice colors too. so i'm waiting on that to arrive in the mail. AND there's the e.l.f. order. just some eyeshadow brushes and blotting papers. i'll post photos on how the lipsticks look.

anyway, some bad news...auntie pat passed away on saturday =) my heart goes out to her family.

tune in next time...