pray pray pray

so today we went to the hospital to visit my cousin's aunt who is very sick. auntie pat was going to the hospital for a check up and the doctor's suddenly found something ( a lump in her larynx, i believe) and was quickly rushed into emergency. now she's in the ICU. wow. it's crazy how something like that happens. they haven't done a biopsy just yet cause she's too weak to have tests done to her. she's been loosing so much weight cause she couldn't eat/swallow her food. a part of her larynx or something was paralyzed and the lump caused her to not swallow her food. kind of like what happened to me except mine was in the esophagus. but now she's down to 80 pounds!!! 80 pounds!!! my god! seeing her in her bed with a big oxygen mask covered her entire face. she looked so little. i didn't want to say anything cause what do i say? her husband kept saying "you'll get through this! you're strong you can beat this!" so sad. i mean i wanted to cry but i held back. the same thing happened to my lolo. he couldn't talk either cause the lymph nodes spread all over his lungs and everywhere else in between. she kept pointing to her neck indicating that she couldn't speak and you can tell that she was saying "thank you" to us for coming. she actually wanted no medication or help from machines anymore. she wanted to just let it be and let god take care of the rest. but people wouldn't let her. but i guess their going to do the hospice program. it's where a nurse comes to their house and monitors her for a period of time everyday. i remember my lolo had the same. but now...all we have to do is pray for her.

it's amazing how someone is healthy one day and then in critical condition the next. last time we saw her she was stronger than her husband! now she's in the 4th stage cancer!!! well it's not finalized that she was cancer but she's in the 4th stage! =( it's just sad. this whole thing just brings back memories of how my grandfather was. it was the saddest moment of my life. and now it's like happening all over again. all we can do now is pray pray pray.

so to auntie pat, apostol family, acayan're in my prayers!