i'm getting frustrated with this picture postings thing here. picasa is kinda wack. i don't get it. when i go to my cousin's baby's blogspot, the albums and pictures are organized. i don't know how to do it. frankly, i'm at a point where i don't care anymore. if i don't figure it out, i might not post photo albums here. i think there's something wrong with me. oy vey!

anyway, let me tell you all about this book i'm reading. i got it at barnes and noble. it i called
MYTHOLOGY The ILLUSTRATED ANTHOLOGY of WORLD MYTH & STORYTELLING. Amazing! seriously, not many of you guys know this unknown fact about me but i love this stuff! ever since i was a kid i loved watching national geographic and the history channel about greek mythology AND especially egyptians. mummies, tombs, mythological creatures, gods & goddess, etc. i love it! this book is so awesome. and it only cost me $10!!! it's over 670 pages of awesomeness. ahahaha. i skipped the first chapters of it so i can go straight to greek mythology. hahahaha. seriously, i don't know why i didn't major in this stuff. makes me want to go back to school and take a bunch of anthropology and art history courses. i'm almost done with greek mythology and on my way through celtics, vikings, and germanic worlds. hahah. i might skip this and go into egypt. truthfully, i don't care much about indian mythology but ehh who knows, i might end up liking it. so yeah, that's what i do in bed. i read this 20 pound book and fall asleep. hahaha. sharyn actually caught me a few times asleep while the book is wide open and my glasses still on.

speaking of books...josh got me j.k. rowling's new book beedle the bard. read that in an hour. hahah. it's a small book but good nontheless. i still have to read the rest of jane austen's books. josh got me the jane austen collection last christmas and have not read it. well i've read like two of austen's books so far so i just have to read a few. as far as harry potter goes. i believe the only books i have not read are the first two. i bought them years ago but have not. i started reading the 3rd book first on to the last book. i know horrible. i'll get to the first two eventually. there's so many books i want to read...i can't keep up. i love books. i love using my imagination. i especially love it when i read a book by an english author because i read them as if i have a british accent. hahaha. it's really fun. i sometimes catch myself talking with an accent. hahaha. crazy me. oh yeah, sharyn's reading 1984 right now. ronell lent me that book. i'm ashamed to say that i did not finish what i started. hopefully, when sharyn's done...i can find my place.

wow, this blog is getting really long. but one last thing. i finally watched The Duchess. really good movie. i recommend it if you liked pride & prejudice, becoming jane, sense & sensibility, elizabeth, the queen, etc. oh and the show the tudors =) watch it people!

well i think that's enough of my rants!

tune in next time...