makeup blurbs

i've been having these makeup obsessions. sharyn found this company called Everyday Minerals. it's mineral makeup similar to bare minerals/escentuals BUT way cheaper! check out Everyday Minerals it's really cool. you can get free sample kits so you can find a perfect match for your skintone. just pay for the shipping which is like $3. i think they also do international orders but of course it's more than $3 shipping. but well worth it cause you get 3 foundations, 1 concealer, and 1 blush. their all sample size of course but it'll last you a long time. you can get as much sample kits as you want...but one at a time. they really want you to find that perfect match =) luckily i found my match. sharyn ordered her sample kit and she did a test on my face and low and behold...perfection! it's really awesome to find that exact foundation that matches your complexion. i highly recommend it to you girls! try it out. below is an example of the sample makeup kit looks like. it's small but very generous. the apple blush is really good. as far as foundations go, if you guys are curious my color is medium tan under the Golden family. i don't really use concealers but i had to get one. just choose wisely =) read the descriptions.

aside from everyday minerals, i'm into gwen stefani at the moment. i like the whole red lips she always rocks. the simple eye makeup she uses. usually just basic mascara and eyeliner on the top lids. she always has that 40s inspired look. dita von tease is another one of favorites too. anything vintage/rockabilly/pinup girls/suicide girls look is what i'm really into at the moment. i think that finding the right red lipstick is essential to every woman's makeup collection. it's hard to find the right one that matches and compliments you but you'll find it. i'm still experimenting myself. i have some red lipsticks and i mix them with my tarte palette that comes with 16 lipgloss samples.

this palette is really amazing. the eyeshadows (left palette) are well pigmented. well some i should say are. but if you foil(mixing with some water which makes the colors pop more) them then it's even better! but make sure you use an eyeshadow primer first. i suggest urban decay eyeshadow primer potion. it's the best! you can find it at or i know that they don't have a sephora store in the philippines but they have an online store =) the lipglosses (middle palette) has a wide variety of colors but more on the pinks and reds which is nice cause you can mix and match the colors to fit the right color that you're going for. the third palette is the blushes, bronzer, eyeshadow brush, and the mascara. the blushes are really nice. but the best part is the sample sized mascara. i wish that they made this a full size. it has to be my favorite mascara of the moment.

but anyway, expect me to have these makeup reviews and rants. i'm just highly obsessed with them. i cannot live without makeup. i can't believe that i just started exploring with them like 6 years ago. senior year of high school i began using mascara and eyeliners. that's it. then in college i started using blush. which is another obsession! i wore so much blush before it was insane! hahaha. i never wore powder/foundation cause my mother always says that it makes you look old and/or it ruins your skin. so i never really tried until 2-3 years ago. now i use everyday minerals foundation. it's light and doesn't feel cakey which is a must! i don't feel like i'm wearing any makeup which is key! but i'll continue this another time. sleepy time for sharyn. she doesn't like the sound of me typing and typing away =)

tune in next time...