Hi everyone. first post ever! haha. i'm excited about this blog. i'll try to update it as often as i can. probably very often since i have a lot of time =) no job yet for me =( it's very sad and disheartening. but i have hope. our new president, obama of course, is promising. it's only a matter of time till i find that $100K/year job. hahaha. i wish!

but anyway, on a lighter note...josh moved in to his new apartment last week. josh by the way is my favorite if you guys don't already know. he got a place in sabre springs. about 3 minutes away from my house. hahaha. too close i know!!! jk. but it's still the same. i don't see him everyday. i like it that way. but we do see each other more often than before =) more than twice a week. hahaha. his place is really nice. great neighborhood, quiet, clean, good parking, etc. i've been helping with the decorations. it's a total bachelor's pad but with an added feminine touch here and there. when it's all done and boxes are put away, i'll take photos. i guess i will on sunday since he's having a little gathering for the CHARGER game!!!

what else? what else? hmm...well we got new couches. finally, more seating! it's embarassing to have only one couch in the house when you have visitors. it's like "sheesh" where can i sit around here?! but yeah it's comfy. recliner sofas. they're a must! very relaxing as my dad would say.

that's pretty much it i would say. other than the holidays. it was fun. just spent time with the family and friends. good eats. good laughs. i'll post pictures soon. i'd do it now but i don't have photos in my laptop here. i'll do it tomorrow or monday.

oh yeah, this is totally random but i have a huge pimple on my forehead. well like in between my eyebrows. it's so annoying. i hate pimples! this one is huge. it doesn't have the white head yet but when it forms i'll for sure pop this baby out! oh man this is going to hurt. i mean i don't get pimples all that often and i didn't have to deal with it when i was a teen but damn it would blow if i started having adult acne. gross!!! let's just hope i don't get that cause i will be devastated!!!

anyway, i think this is enough for tonight or today since it's already 12:31 am=) good night/good morning to all. i hope i didn't bore you guys with my ramblings.

tune in next time...