good morning all! so, some bad news. josh or "bubba" to some of you is having issues at work. there were some people laid off AND the company is decreasing their pay by 20% which means that they would only work 4 days a week. he's sad =( very disheartening to hear and see josh like that. he just got his apartment 2 weeks ago and now this shit happens. i mean he knew that the company would be reducing and they did like last month and they thought it was done but decided to lay more people off. it's just sad. he doesn't want to give up on the apartment. that's not his nature. so he decided to search for a second job. wow. i must say josh is something else. i admire him for his determination, motivation, and courage. something that i'm not, well i am but their limited. ahaha. anyway, he also discussed this issue with his parents and told him that when worse comes to worse, just move back in. i know that josh is not the type to just drop everything AND if he breaks the lease from his apartment he'd have to pay 2 months in advance which is like $2400! yeah, he's not gonna want to pay that much. josh is really good with money sometimes he can be very frugal! but hey, he's smarter than most of us =) i hope that this will pass soon. i hope the economy makes a turn and help us out of this horrible mess!!! josh will be fine. he is surrounded by people who love him and they his 100% support!

oh what sucks more is that his birthday is coming up. we were going to a karaoke bar but he wanted to cancel it cause he's not exactly in a celebrating mood. hopefully he can cheer up though cause i love celebrating birthdays and hate to see people sad on a joyous occasion.

on a lighter note, ronell created a blog. boredome got you huh? hahaha. i guess everyone is doing one. it's actually quite fun. i love writing (somtimes). hahaha. oh, i still have to post pictures, huh? yeah i'll get to it eventually. it's just a lot of work. too lazy. but i'll get it done.

tune in next time...