long time no see

so i guess some "people" are complaining how i don't update this thing. hahahaha. i.e. sharyn! so anyway, i guess i haven't been updating cause either i'm lazy or there's really nothing interesting that happened to me. i'll try my best to remember what "happened" to me last week including parts of this week =)

well last week josh got sick. so i hung around with him in his apartment. i mostly just watched bravo tv since i don't have that channel at my house. i love top chef! josh was hooked on it too but he won't admit it. what else? we watched movies too like max paine and bangkok dangerous. they were okay movies. but whatevs.

last weekend...didn't do much. did the sam i guess. hung out with bubbs and watched tv/movies.

so this week....monday didn't do anything. just hung around. yesterday i took ate monet downtown cause she had some stuff do. then when we got back i made breakfast =) pancakes, sausages, and eggs. yummmmm!!! then sharyn and i decided to go to the mall to look for this makeup brand NYX. but first we went to carlsbad outlet to check out the cosmetics company outlet. pretty cool place. they have discounted makeups like MAC, bobbi brown, clinique, etc. they have a good amount of selection. price is good too. so that was that. after the outlet we went to the mall. checked out the makeup sharyn wanted and it was there. and they had a great selection of colors which was awesome. so now we know where to get them =) after that we went home but as we were pulling inside the garage my dad told us to go to auntie tessie's cause she made some loglog. so we hurriedly went there cause loglog is yummy=) it was kuya glenn's birthday yesterday so that's why she made a bunch of food. hung around there for awhile. hung out with kayla and karina and ronell of course=) i didn't get to eat that much cause it was also josh's birthday yesterday. so around 4 i left. got ready. i put on my fake lashes yesterday. i did a good job on it. sometimes i get annoyed cause i can't seem to put it on right. so i just get frustrated and it don't even bother with it. anyway, josh and his family and i went to hunter's steakhouse. it was yummy. i had the petite prime rib with beer battered shrimp special. oh but first, i had clam chowder soup as one of the sides. delicioso!!! but anyway...it was sooo good. the chocolate/brownie cake was also good. josh's birthday cake they gave. hahahha. ate that. stephanie's (josh's sister) mud pie was oh so good too. actually better than the cake. but chocolate is always good. i was so full last night. my goodness. i thought i was going to vomit cause i was so full. by the way...happy birthday again hun!!! yay! we're the same age...for now. in march i'll be 25! shit! a quarter of a century. that's so scary. what's scary is that i don't have a job yet! it's so fucking frustrating. i have bills to pay and yet no job. but on a happier note...sharyn got a job! woohoo. i'm so happy for her. she deserves it. all her hardwork at school needed to pay of and now it just did. she deserves everything good in this world. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. she's the one person i look up to the most. if i had the drive, motivation, intelligence like her then man i think i'd have a job too. wow i really don't want to get into this. cause it would take forever AND it would kind of get emotional cause i'd have to rant about the things that are swirling around my head. i'll do that in the next post.

oh a quick shout out before i go... hi sanchia! sharyn told me that you read my blog =) and course my sister! hey there. hi there. ho there. =) ahahahahha. you happy now?!

tune in next time...


That's What She(ena) Said... said...

now you can comment.

SharynRamblings said...

yay you finally updated! anyway thanks for saying those nice things about me, that means alot sis. don't worry, you'll get something. well look at it this way, you'll probably be getting a good birthday gift this year!!!

Sanchine said...

Welcome to the club B.U.M. hahahaha