impatient much

today was somewhat productive. sharyn i went to utc mall then to best buy. we got a fitness video and the killers cd. i also applied at macy's. hahaha. i need a job. really bad. but for now i guess we'll do the workout video and hopefully there will be results. hahaha.

but about this macy's thing...i really need any job right now. i did work at it's a grind for a good 5 days but eh not my thing. retail is cool. it's something i've never done before. hopefully i get a call back. i'll apply at some other places too like this girls clothing store called Justice. it used to be Limited Too but i guess something happened. looks like an okay place. forever21 was hiring too but no thanks. i heard it was a pretty wack place to work cause my friend rachel worked there. AND it's owned/managed by asian people. i vow to never work for someone who owns a store by an asian woman. their really hard asses and crazy! hahaha. i'd apply at nordstrom but they can be snooty since you know "rich" people shop there. but eh we'll see.

hustlin' aint easy! Hahaha! just kidding. it's funny saying that. i'll find a job soon. something's out there for me. it may not be what i want (for now) but it's something.

tune in next time...